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Simona Groves

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"In my professional life, I was a real estate broker, owned a large residential and commercial firm with over 35 agents, and have pretty much seen the full gambit from inept, part-time agents, to full-time, hard-nosed professionals. We found Simona by accident. We had called on a listing and the agent who was scheduled to receive new calls that day was busy. They offered to put us through to someone else. That was the gift. Before we even began to talk about new homes, Simona jumped in with both feet to help us find temporary space for our RV. Our home for the next few months while we shopped. She offered advice, did some leg work, and before we had even started to talk about real estate, she had already done us a huge service. We began looking. Now, it doesn't take a real estate genius to flip through the online listings and find a home to view. What is does take is an agent who REALLY knows the market, is a consumate customer service pro, and understands the importance of immediate contact, follow-through and feedback. Simona had a full packet on each property we viewed, offered additoinal advise on local regulations, and was the first to admit she did not have an answer when asked a question. And in each and every instance, got back to us right away with the data we needed. Negotiations went smoothly and she knew when to put the tape over my mouth when things needed to get done right, and not the way I thought they should be. She not only showed us many choices, but kept her eye on the "one-that-got-away." When the contract on it fell through, she called us on the spot and we made the right offer. I would recommend her kind, compassionate manner, her unique amount of local experience, and the fact that she seems to know everyone in the industry. Her referrals for just about everything we needed were spot on. We will be referring lots and lots of business to her over the coming years."

~ Tom L.

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"Simona is knowledgable of the local market, buying and selling process, and walked us through every step of the way. Without being demanding or unrealistic, she explained what we could do to ppssibly make the house worth more and presented our options. During our sales process,my husband was deployed so she was dealing with both of us, in different time zones and coordinated all efforts the entire way. We are very happy with our results and selling our house in a matter of days and highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling!"

~ Amy R.

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"Our requirements were not easy at all, but Simona kept looking, we kept looking. She walked acreage in the rain with us. She communicated fantastically. When we did find the one, the purchase was not an easy one, to say the least. Through all the negotiations, the troubles, etc. she was excellent. There when we needed her, advice when we needed it, gathered the right people at the right time, etc. We could not have asked for a better agent for the unicorn we were looking for and found. I know this sounds like a gushing review of a fanboy, but Simona really is awesome and I will recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone."

~ Matthew K. 

"Simona was very helpful during the sale of our home. She is knowledgeable about military life and buying and selling. She helped us sell our home. She kept us informed every step of the way and went out of her way to get documents to us as soon as she got them. She was always prepared and on top of things. I would highly recommend her."

~ Jeremy H. 


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