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The Hive Salon Co. - Oak Harbor

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

In a world still dictated by the Coronavirus pandemic, we are very lucky to still be able to enjoy our local businesses and their services.

For many people, salons are more than just a place to go every so often. A salon is also a place to care for ourselves, to feel pampered and destress too.

Misty, the owner of the Hive Salon Co. and the Hive Salone Co. Unplugged, has 27 years of experience in the industry. She has been a licensed cosmetologist in other states, including Virginia and Florida, and abroad in England and Italy too (woot woot).

Misty and her staff have great online reviews and have been fantastic at dealing with the pandemic and all the state regulations. They ensure that plenty of healthy and safe steps are in place to minimize any exposures and somewhat guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

Not only you will be able to book plenty of services, from haircuts and colors to facials and sugar, but you will also have the opportunity to shop around for a large variety of products and holiday items in the Lace and Jo room.

For more info check out their website HERE, FB page HERE, and Instagram HERE.


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