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Spring Cleaning Checklist - Happiness is a Freshly Clean House

Happiness is … a freshly cleaned house!

Surely, we are dealing with a global pandemic, but since we are stuck indoor more than usual, we can take advantage of this opportunity and give some attention to our biggest and most valuable asset: OUR HOME!


  • Dust crown moldings, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Wash curtains and wipe down window seals.

  • Did you know that you can use a lint roller for a more effective result on lamp shades?

  • Change the air filter and smoke/CO detectors batteries.

  • Wash or wipe down window blinds.

  • Wash all windows – inside and outside. You will be surprised what a difference a clean window makes.

  • Wash the walls in the most traffic areas.


  • Clean area rugs, vacuum any carpeted area and steam clean as well if possible.

  • Move the couch and vacuum any surprise hidden underneath.

  • Remove extra clutter, dust electronics and add a touch of color with pillows, throws and flowers.


  • Scrub and disinfect all household trash cans.

  • Deep clean and disinfect microwave, oven and dishwasher.

  • Clean, disinfect and organize your freezer and fridge.

  • Organize and revamp your pantry. Make sure you get rid of expired products and organize your spices too.

  • Scrub the back splash area, clean under the kitchen sink and disinfect the garbage disposal.


  • Descale shower doors if you live in a hard water area.

  • Check bathroom fan for any mildew and clean.

  • Organize underneath the sinks and shower caddy/ storage shelves if present.

  • Unclog drains and caulk shower and bathtub seams if applicable.

  • Don’t forget to organize your medicine cabinet and toss any expired medication.


  • Vacuum carpet concentrating under the bed and near the baseboard areas.

  • Vacuum the mattress and wash or change pillows and bed sets.

  • Organize closets and remove seasonal outgrown clothing.


  • Clean dryer vent and remove left over lint.

  • Wipe and disinfect washer and dryer doors and clean out the soap dispenser.

  • Tide up and organize laundry room cabinets/shelves.


  • Have kids donate outgrown toys and clothes.

  • Wash all stuffed animals.

  • Clean and organize desk drawers.

  • Check and toss junk mail – shred unnecessary documents.


  • Sweep porch patio/deck and remove cobwebs

  • Power wash the driveway and deck.

  • Clean up the gutters and touch up exterior paint.

  • Wash outdoor garbage cans and recycle bins.

  • Refresh the landscape areas with some fresh mulch. Remove weeds, spray some weed control and plant some colorful annuals.

  • Hold off on putting down grass seed until May or June, when temperatures are warmer.

Embrace the New Season and Happy Cleaning!

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