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Bayleaf on Whidbey - Coupeville

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Does food make you happy? It sure brings a big smile to my face and one of my favorite go-to places here in Whidbey Island is Bayleaf on Whidbey.

Located in Downtown Coupeville, Bayleaf is so much more than a store! It is heaven for the foodies, for wine lovers, and for anyone willing to try new foods from other countries as well.

This local business offers a variety of Epicurean delicacies, specialty foods, ready-to-eat snacks, local goodies, and a vast assortment of wine, beer, champagne, and cider to accompany your recipes. Gluten-Free and Organic options are also available.

Other local businesses are supported within the store and you can purchase delicious eats like smoked Penn Cove mussels, Screamin’ Banshee bread (so good!), local honey and jams, and Whidbey Island Winery wines.

If admiring all this appetizing food makes your tummy rumble, rest assured you are in the right place. With indoor and outdoor seating, you can walk by the cheese case and discover a big selection of cheeses, Pâté, and cured meats. Sandwiches, antipasto, and cheese platters are just a few of the several options to satisfy your cravings.

Bayleaf on Whidbey offers a catering service among the online shop and personalized gifts, perfect for family, friends, and clients.

Make sure to subscribe to their mailing list and don’t miss out on any upcoming events here!

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