Located on the "sunny side" of Penn Cove; San de Fuca is an unincorporated community on
the edge of the Oak Harbor/Coupeville boundary lines. Formerly a small town in the 19th
century, it lies on the north side of Penn Cove across from Coupeville. Residents of San De
Fuca enjoy sweeping views of both the Olympic Mountains to the south, the Cascade
Mountains to the east, and the Coupeville wharf


Who Manages San De Fuca 

San De Fuca has no official HOA, nor does it have any
community dues. The community is, however, located
within zone 1 of the Ebey's Reserve. This means
homeowners within San De Fuca must adhere to the
reserve's development restrictions and guidelines.

Community Features:

  • Views of both the Olympics and cascade mountains

  • Development restrictions

  • All homes on septic

  • No HOA

  • View of Coupeville Wharf and mussel farm

  • 3 Sisters

  • Lot size restrictions

  • Located within the historic ebey's reserve

  • Frequent views of whales and wildlife

  • Home to multiple family farms