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Woof - Who let the dogs out?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Hello friends,

walking your dog regularly provides a basic foundation for mental and physical health.

Leaving these lovely creatures for too long in the house can lead to depression, boredom, and/or destructive behavior. Your dog depends on you to take him/her outside and explore the world with new smells, sights, and the overall outdoors.

Walking isn’t just a healthy habit for you, but also your pooch. A sedentary dog may become overweight and with that, a high number of health problems may appear.

By walking your dog you will provide:

  1. Physical and mental stimulation

  2. Positive healthy habit

  3. Training opportunity

I own a Samoyed Dog, and he is the sweetest and most lovable pooch you’ll ever meet. (yes, I may be biased)

I enjoy hiking with him and have the occasional neighborhood walk, and one of our favorite places to walk to is Windjammer Beach Park and Downtown Oak Harbor (see photo above)

If you prefer off-leash dog parks, Whidbey Island has great options throughout the island.

Click here for full access to the map

  1. Clover Valley Off-Leash Park – Mainly gravel and brush, this dog park is located near the Naval Air Station in Oak Harbor. With a gazebo, bench, and running water for the dogs, this small park is great for puppies to run and burn energy while socializing as well.

  2. Patmore Pit Off-Leash Park – Just south of Coupeville, this is the largest dog park in all of Whidbey Island. With 15 fenced acres, this off-leash dog park provides a separate fenced agility area, running water, a fenced small dog area, toys, and doggie bags.

  3. Greenbank Off-Leash Park – Located within the hilly meadows and the famous Greenbank Farm, this off-leash dog park will not only be enjoyed by your pooch but by yourself too. the stunning view of Mt. Rainier and the Puget Sound makes this a perfect location for an enjoyable stroll.

  4. Double Bluff Beach – Off-Leash Area – Also known as Useless Bay Tidelands, this park is a 24,345 foot stretch of beach located in the southwest shoreline of Whidbey Island. Wide-open space with amazing views, this site during low tide is an absolute delight.

  5. Marguerite Brons Memorial Park – Off-Leash Area – Offering 13 acres of meadow and woods, this local sanctuary is comprised of 3 areas: a small dog area, a large meadow, and a larger area with trails. The meadow portion has a covered picnic shelter, water station, toys, and doggie bags provided.

Where do you like to go with your four-legged friends?

I would love to hear!


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