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What is an SRES designation?

SRES stands for Senior Real Estate Specialist, a professional designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to real estate agents who have completed additional education and training on the specific needs and concerns of senior clients.

The SRES designation is designed to help real estate agents better serve clients who are 50 years of age or older. These clients may have unique housing needs, financial concerns, and lifestyle considerations that require specialized knowledge and expertise.

An SRES-designated agent has undergone specialized training in areas such as:

  • Retirement income planning

  • Housing options and considerations for seniors

  • Reverse mortgages and financing options for seniors

  • Legal and tax considerations for seniors

  • Estate planning and probate issues

By obtaining the SRES designation, a real estate agent has demonstrated a commitment to understanding the needs of senior clients and providing them with the specialized services and support that they require. This can be particularly important for seniors who are downsizing, relocating to a retirement community, or dealing with other major life changes. SRES-designated realtors are trained to be sensitive to the emotional and physical challenges that seniors may face when buying or selling a home. They can provide a supportive and empathetic approach that can help seniors feel more comfortable and confident throughout the process.

Overall, working with an SRES-designated realtor can provide seniors with the specialized knowledge, resources, and support they need to navigate the complex world of real estate and find the right home for their needs and lifestyle.

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