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Six Hard Truths of Selling Your HOME

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

You may be aware of the fact that we are in a HOT Seller’s Market with low inventory, however, let’s not forget that to maximize the value of the property we need to face some hard truths.

  1. Make sure your Realtor knows the current market conditions – I always recommend potential clients to interview more than one Realtor. Among several things to consider, make sure you both feel comfortable working together and most of all don’t be afraid to ask questions. A competent local agent should feel comfortable in explaining today’s market stats and be well aware of the local trends in your neighborhood.

  2. Clean and uncluttered homes sell – One of the greatest returns in money is decluttering and deeply cleaning your home. Getting your house ready to sell is no joke, but having a home that is clean, fresh, and inviting, makes all the difference.

  3. Homes priced right sell – I understand that maybe overpricing your home seems like you are building room for negotiations but by doing so you may just price out the right buyer. Research finds that homes lingering on the market usually sell less than their list price.

  4. Repairs left undone will end up costing you more – Home repairs done before going on the market could add dollars to your bottom line. If you’ve been meaning to address some repairs to your home, do NOT wait any longer! It will be less expensive to complete the tasks BEFORE you sell your home since buyers want to buy a home that is ready to go!

  5. Selling a house is inconvenient – Yes, sometimes showings may happen at inconvenient hours or when you are finally home after a long day at the office BUT think about the potential buyer's work schedule. That day and time may be their only opportunity to preview your home and denying it may decrease the interest of your property.

  6. Buyers love to renegotiate after a home inspection – Be prepared! If your home needs a major repair that will be an excuse for the buyer to reduce the price. As previously discussed, it is best to address repairs before hitting the market but if you have no intention of addressing the issue then make it well known ahead of time and disclose the fact so that the purchase price reflects the defect.

For more questions and service beyond the sale, call me.


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