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Hardwood Floor Restoration

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Because of their natural appearance, hardwood flooring has always been a popular and preferred choice among homeowners.

Nice hardwood floors can add value to your home, but unfortunately, they are often neglected and end up dull and rough looking. Fortunately, through the process of refinishing and restoration, it is possible to bring your hardwood back to life and unlock its hidden beauty.

You’ll need to make a choice: DIY or hiring a professional?

If you are not an expert, the project will take longer but it will end up saving you some money. You may be able to rent the proper equipment from major home improvement retail stores, BUT the machines may end up being inferior compared to the ones the professionals own. Another thing to keep in mind is that often when novices attempt to sand floors, they rarely sand floors properly. As a result, the stain doesn’t penetrate evenly, the results are blotchy and the finish will not last as long.

If you decide to hire a professional make sure you do your research and check any reviews the company may have. Unfortunately, among reputable contractors, there are a few who will give a cheap estimate and thus offer a poor result.

The images below are from a home I sold to my client a couple of months ago. She did her research and decided that hiring a professional was her best option. As you can see, the results are just breathtaking!


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